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Quantum And The Power of Pulse Programming

By October 30, 2023May 14th, 2024No Comments
Line drawing of a pulse with a hand underneath it

Pulse programming on PennyLane

You can now run pulse programs on OQC Lucy’s QPU using PennyLane’s plugin into AWS Braket.

We now have the possibility to run hardware-level circuits combined with standard gates on a physical device in PennyLane via AWS Braket on OQC’s Lucy.

By leveraging the PennyLane-Braket plugin, you can design and execute custom pulse gates controlling physical qubits at the lowest hardware level, including combining digital gates with pulse gates. This is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it enables researchers and developers to delve into the intricate details of quantum computing at the hardware level, allowing for finer control and optimisation of quantum algorithms. This level of access opens avenues for exploring novel quantum algorithms and optimising existing ones for specific hardware architectures, ultimately pushing the boundaries of quantum computing capabilities.

Additionally, the ability to differentiate parametrised pulse gates natively on hardware facilitates efficient algorithm design and optimisation, promising advancements in various fields that rely on quantum computing, from cryptography to optimisation and machine learning.

Line drawing of a pulse with a hand underneath it