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Research and development

Nanofab engineer Kowsar working in the lab

OQC’s quantum lab, where qubits are developed, measured and operated, is a state-of-the-art facility, with cryogenic equipment that can create temperatures much colder than space, and bespoke control hardware generating low-latency qubit pulses.

Our lab is fitted with an ISO7 cleanroom with a ducted fume cupboard, a controlled area for several cryostat rigs, including power and data supplies with control units and cooling pumps. A bespoke compressor plant solution was designed with chilled water distribution systems to service cryostats and to keep the quantum computers functioning without fail.

We are proud to say that when we first opened the lab, it was the only commercial quantum computing laboratory in the UK.


Integration of through-sapphire substrate machining with superconducting quantum processors

Narendra Acharya, Robert Armstrong, Yashwanth Balaji, Kevin G Crawford, James C Gates, Paul C Gow, Oscar W Kennedy, Renuka Devi Pothuraju, Kowsar Shahbazi, Connor D Shelly

ArXiv 2406.09930 [Preprint]. June 14, 2024

Hardware efficient error-detection

We have demonstrated a Hardware efficient error-detection method for reducing the most significant source of error in our quantum computers. We built a variant of the Coaxmon based on the ‘Dimon’. We encode a logical qubit in the single-photon excitation subspace of the dimon, using the method of dual-rail encoding.


Electron-beam annealing of Josephson junctions for frequency tuning of quantum processors

Yashwanth Balaji, Narendra Acharya, Robert Armstrong, Kevin G. Crawford, Sergey Danilin, Thomas Dixon, Oscar W. Kennedy, Renuka Devi Pothuraju, Kowsar Shahbazi, and Connor D. Shelly

ArXiv:2402.17395v1 [Preprint]. February 27, 2024

Superconducting quantum
computing circuit package

A superconducting quantum computing circuit package comprising a substrate on which a superconducting quantum computing circuit is formed; and a holder comprising a surface on which the substrate is received.
Spring,P; Leek, P (2020); Superconducting quantum computing circuit package.

Quantum information processing system

A building block for a quantum information processing system. A superconducting qubit comprising a Josephson junction connected between two superconducting electrodes.

Leek, P (2017), Quantum information processing system

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Line drawing of a Bloch Sphere