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Use cases

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Security & encryption

Through it’s ability to transform data encryption, quantum computing can improve financial transaction security by shielding sensitive data from prospective attackers.
Similarly, quantum will generate more accurate and efficient at detecting trends, anomalies, and potential fraudulent actions: ultimately lowering the risk of financial loss for the entire financial services industries and it’s customers.

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Portfolio management

By improving business optimisation and finding the optimum portfolio of assests to maximise returns, quantum will help the financial services industry reshape how investment portfolios are constructed and managed. This will unlock unprecedented insights, efficiencies, and opportunities for investors and institutions, all while considering market volatility, asset correlations and transaction costs.

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Insurance premiums

With it’s unique ability to process vast amounts of data and perform complex calculations, quantum computing could revolutionise the way risk is assessed and priced.
By analysing a wide range of factors, including customer demographic, health records, historical claims and market trends, insurance companies will be able to develop more accurate and precise actuarial models.

Large-scale flood modelling demands a quantum solution.

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