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Beyond The Bit

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Tall glass skyscraper buildings

Preparing for value creation in the finance industry

Quantum is a world changing opportunity, with the power not just to ...
Lhr3 data centre room

Winners: DatacenterDynamics ‘European Data Center Project of the Year’

The world’s first step in moving quantum computing from a lab into ...
Drawing of Lucy

OQC Lucy: our quantum leap forward

We engineered OQC Lucy to be one of the most cost-efficient quantum ...
Picture of QC at LHR3.


世界初の量子コロケーションOQCは、量⼦コンピュータを世界有数のデータセンターに統合し、この分野での先駆者となっています ...
Dr ilana Wisby meeting with UK prime minister Rushi Sunak.

Igniting quantum innovation and investment at global summits

November was a milestone month for the OQC team as we attended ...
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Opening doors, changing lives – The quantum skills gap

Gillian Steele shares her thoughts on the power of collaboration and how ...
hand drawn picture of Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L’Huillier

Wait an attosecond…

An attosecond – this is short! We at OQC are more familiar ...
Picture of Jamie speaking at DEFCON

Surviving DEFCON: the reality of quantum and cyber security

This summer OQC took part in Q-CTF where our Compiler Team Manager ...
Space inspired image with purple and pink pulse lines going in a circle, on a dark background

Open-Source in the quantum era

The Quantum Assembly Toolchain (QAT), our low-level compiler, as an open-source python ...
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Quanmatic社、英国OQC社と早稲田大学 量子コンピュータのアルゴリズム開発における基本合意書を締結

アルゴリズムに強みを持つ早稲田大学発のスタートアップ 株式会社Quanmatic(東京都新宿区、代表取締役:古賀 純隆、以下、Quanmatic)、欧州のゲート式量子コンピュータ*1のリーディングプレーヤである英国Oxford Quantum Circuits社 ...
Kajsa presenting at Reading Geek Night

Why we built our own toolchain – QAT

Why did we invest the time and resources to develop our framework? ...

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