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Thousands of tiny lights dropping from a ceiling

How to use pulse-level control on OQC’s superconducting quantum computer

Amazon Braket Pulse enables users to control and modify the low-level analog ...
Thousands of tiny lights dropping from a ceiling

The power of collaboration in quantum computing: Augmenting applications with quantum capabilities

Breaking down the barriers to access quantum computing hardware with the CLassiq ...
Close up of OQC Lucy

An important step towards 24/7 availability: co-processing

Paving the way to for exclusive time window to submit tasks ...
Black background with white OQC logo.

※本プレスリリースは、米国エクイニクスと英国Oxford Quantum Circuitsの共同プレスリリースに、日本の情報を加えて再編集したものです。

量子コンピュータは、テクノロジーとプロセッシングに大きな転換をもたらします。 ...
Ilana on a virtual interview for commercialising quantum 2022

What is the potential of quantum computing as a service

Hear from the experts on the most exciting outcomes from quantum in ...
Quantum qubit cookies, made by the OQC team. They are covered in white icing and have the OQC logo on the front.

Happy World Quantum Day

World Quantum Day is an international event celebrated on April 14 to ...
Picture of a quantum computer, with casing on. the logo OQC is on the front cans.

OQC first European quantum company on Amazon Braket

AWS is expanding Amazon Braket to support a new quantum hardware ...
World Economic Forum insights report image of a chip

Towards a responsible quantum future

The WEF governance principles address the ethical challenges and transformative potential of ...
Quantum on the clock header photo

Quantum on the clock

We challenge you to create a three minute video to explain quantum ...
The Investment Plan image with researchers smiling

Industry prepares for quantum transformation

OQC features in OxLEP’s ambitious investment plan ...
Ilana sat in a chair being interview for The Quantum Insider

Building a sustainable future with quantum computing

New documentary examines how quantum computing can address the world’s sustainability challenges ...
OQC integrates TKET diagram

OQC integrates TKET, demonstrates 4x optimisation

We have plugged TKET into our compiler pipeline to help address barriers ...

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Line drawing of a Bloch Sphere