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Precise control over qubit frequencies

By March 14, 2024May 23rd, 2024No Comments

Precise control over qubit frequencies post-fabrication

head shot of Connor Shelley.
(a) As-fabricated Josephson junction resistances from a typical OQC Lucy-8QPU wafer. JJ resistances are in three separate design groups 1, 2, and 3, designated by the colours grey, red, and blue. (b) The same wafer having undergone our electron-beam annealing process. The spread of each JJ group is reduced.
Caption: Demonstration of negative resistance tuning of Josephson junctions. (a) Negative resistance shift following an annealing process. (b) Typical "ageing" of JJs. Resistance increased over a period of 45 days when left in ambient conditions. (c) Positive resistance tuning to narrow the spread of resistances.